Come see my unit testing tutorial at PF Congres or PHPNW!

Exciting times! I’ve been invited to come and deliver my 3-hour tutorial “An introduction to writing unit tests using PHPUnit” at two more conferences: PFCongres (Utrecht, NL) next week, and at PHPNW (Manchester, UK) in October. I’ve given this tutorial once before at php[tek] and I’ve presented it as a 45 minute talk at PHPUK and at the inaugural PHP Amersfoort meetup.

The main reason why I started doing this talk is because I discovered that a lot of people are struggling when they want to start writing unit tests. I remember this from when I wanted to write my first test. Sure, I understood the schoolbook examples, but how do I start? Where do I put my tests? How do I run them? And the biggest problem of all: my project doesn’t look anything like the schoolbook examples! Your project probably has a lot of dependencies, complex methods and a lot of links with external systems that make the code almost impossible to test. Not to worry: Harrie is here to help :-)

The thing I really value about those 3-hour tutorials is the possibility for a hands-on approach. Please bring your laptops and write the unit tests along with me, because I think that people learn most and remember best from actually doing it. We will start off with the basics, like where to put your unit tests in your project and how to run them. We will then gradually make it harder for ourselves; you will learn how to write testable code, how to deal with dependencies in your code and I will explain how you can start applying these principles to any project you’re working on tomorrow!

This and a lot more. If you’ve been planning to start testing your code but you never got around to figuring out how to do it, I hope you’ll consider attending my tutorial at one of the upcoming events:

PFCongres tutorial day
Friday 13th September – Utrecht, NL

PHP North West Conference – tutorial day
Friday 4th October – Manchester, UK

Also, make sure to check out the rest of the schedule – because both conferences are packed with a lot more great content! Hope seeing you all in either Utrecht or Manchester!

  1. Harry,

    I heard that your training session at PFCongres was a success! I’d like to contact you about this training session. Can you please contact me or send me your contact details?

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